Selfish Church Communication – Beware!

Why do you communicate with your members? Answering this question will give critical, perhaps even convicting insight into your church communication strategy. Below are four common reasons why churches typically communicate. Announcements – to let people know what is coming up at church. Ministry Opportunities – to inform people of service openings in ministry. Recruiting …

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Hospital Ministry – The Power of Immediate Communication

Picture This.   One of your members is rushed to the emergency room this morning.  After a work-up, she is admitted to the hospital about 20 miles from the church office.  Through the process, a caring family member notifies the church. Rather than waiting for the Pastor’s schedule to free up, the church secretary pulls …

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Our Blog – It’s All About Communication!

We have the chance to work with incredible organizations and individuals across the United States and Canada.  Our goal is help them better connect with and actively engage with their teams and organizational members. As we pursue that goal, we gain insights, get ideas, and formulate solutions for overcoming communication challenges and headaches. We use our …

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