Selfish Church Communication – Beware!

Why do you communicate with your members?

Answering this question will give critical, perhaps even convicting insight into your church communication strategy. Below are four common reasons why churches typically communicate.

  • Announcements – to let people know what is coming up at church.
  • Ministry Opportunities – to inform people of service openings in ministry.
  • Recruiting – to get people to sign-up, commit to, or help in some way.
  • Fund Raising – to broadcast a financial need or encourage giving.

At first glance, these are all very logical reasons to communicate with members.   But I was confronted this week with the question – “Am I being selfish in my communication?”

Are you Selfishly Communicating?

All churches have a higher calling of service and you don’t need me to highlight the theology around that fact. However, if you inventory the recent church communications you broadcasted or published, what do those messages say about what is important to you? Do they support your mission?

If you have fallen into the trap of only communicating to your members about announcements, ministry opportunities, recruiting, or fund raising, then you might be inadvertently sending a mixed message. Your teachings from the Word through pastors and leaders may be saying one thin
. But, administrative heavy, selfish communication may be saying something else.

Here’s the good news. You have an incredible opportunity to engage meaningfully with your members through church communications that reflect and reinforce your organization’s mission. You can quickly adjust a self-centered communication style to a selfless, serving communication style.

Start Selfless Communicating!

How can you take steps this week to embrace a more selfless communication style?
Asking and answering several questions will give you literally weeks of selfless content to use to encourage, motivate, inspire, and minister to your members.

  • What encouraging word do those serving in children’s ministry need to hear from you?
  • What encouraging word do the men or women need today to point them back to their purpose in God?
  • How can you say “thank you” to your members for recent successes in ministry?

Use the answers to a few of these questions to inspire and give you encouraging content for your next email, text message, or voicemail to your members.

The Value of Adding Selfless Communication.

Selfless communications add a balance to the administrative communications we commonly publish. Amazingly, you’ll find that by adding elements of selfless communication to your normal outreach, you’ll likely see an increase in the response from your more administratively tuned communications. People will start responding more positively to your announcements and asks for support. You may also find that your influence within your membership will grow as you help and encourage them in their daily pursuits of faith.

A Thanksgiving Tool for You!church communication tools

In this season of Thanksgiving, it is not too late to send a practical, timely, selfless “thank you” to your membership.

Click the link below to access some suggestions for thank you messages you can use in your next email or text messaging notification to your congregation.

Download here!

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