How the QuikKast Communication Platform Works

Read how John, our typical “QuikKaster” uses the communication platform to manage member communications!

John needs to inform his group that the event scheduled for tomorrow has been moved to a new location due to weather. John easily informs the group by sending a message through QuikKast that is delivered to each person in the manner they prefer.


QuikKast solves the problem of having to know everyone’s email, text number or voice number in order to communicate with them. Imagine the frustration of needing to reach more than two or three people and knowing who to email, who to text and who to call; along with having to manage all the contact information. People have different communication preferences and QuikKast accommodates them. John (the messenger) authored a single message and QuikKast delivered the message to each person (member) by way of the delivery methods they prefer.

To make this all work, each member has a profile that may be setup and managed by the organization, as well as by the member. The member’s profile contains the member’s email address, text message number and voice number. The member, or an organization admin, may change the desired message delivery methods at any time by simply turning a method on or off, or by changing the address associated with a delivery method.


Now when a group leader, or any member within the group with messaging privileges, wants to send a message, they simply author a message to one or more groups and select send.

QuikKast delivers the message to each member of the group, or groups, by way of the delivery methods set in their profile. The message is automatically converted to voice for those wanting voice calls. Any links to uploaded files or web pages are stripped from voice calls.

The messenger is freed from knowing how to best inform each member.


  • You no longer need to maintain directories of email addresses and phone numbers.
  • Members receive communications by way of the methods they prefer.
  • Members can request which groups they want to receive communications from.
  • Privacy is maintained – member email addresses and phone numbers are not displayed within QuikKast, unless authorized by the member in organization’s QuikKast Member Directory.

Communication that is easy, efficient and effective.

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