QuikKast’s Simple Pricing

Part 1: $30 Monthly Organization Subscription

This monthly fee covers all of your administrative users, everyone authorized to send messages, all of your members, and an unlimited number of message groups.


Apple and Google Play!


No Per Member Fees!


All Members Get Emails!


Real People & Upgrades!

Part 2: Monthly Messaging Fees for Text and Voice

With all of your email delivery covered in the subscription fees above, the only thing left to pay for is the message delivery fees that are charged for each successfully delivered text message and voice message.

Text Message Fees

$0.025 for each delivered text message.

Voice Messaging Fees

$0.03 for each voice minute delivered.

Sample Monthly Charges Combining Part 1 and Part 2

Last month your organization sent 12 messages to your 100 members. What is the total QuikKast investment?

  • Monthly QuikKast subscription = $30.00
  • 60 members receive email messages: 60 members x 12 messages = 720 emails delivered. Cost = $0.00
  • 30 members receive text messages: 30 members x 12 messages = 360 text messages delivered. Cost = $9.00
  • 10 members receive voice messages: 10 members x 12 one minute messages = 120 voice minutes delivered. Cost = $3.60
  • Grand Total = $42.60

Ready to Get Started?

As you can see, we don’t believe in surprises.
We do believe in affordable solutions that just simply get the job done!
We would be honored to have you in our QuikKast community.


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