Sending Newsletters: Your Church Communication Strategy

Our church customers are sending thousands of email, text and voice messages every month through QuikKast.  The messages contain information about events, encouraging notes from pastors, and even security notifications.  But, one often-overlooked messaging type is a newsletter message.

Send your newsletter via text and email.

Imagine you just finished typing your church newsletter on your computer.  You took the time to add some pictures, boxes, and even a schedule of upcoming events for the next 30 days.  Now, your next step is to begin the process of printing it out, folding it up, stuffing it into envelopes, and then paying for postage.  What a hassle.

What if this month you did something a little different? What if you savediconmonstr-paper-plane-8-240
the newsletter document as a file and sent it via a text message or email to every one of your members?  Within minutes, your members with smartphones will receive a text with a link to the newsletter file.  Members who check their emails will have the newsletter in their email inbox.  And, those who don’t receive emails or text messages will receive a voicemail letting them know how to get a printed copy of the newsletter at church on Sunday.

  • How much time would that save?
  • How much printing and postage cost would that save?

With QuikKast, the scenario described above can be easily done.  Simply login into your QuikKast account.  Type a message.  Click on the folder icon in the message to insert a file.  And, let QuikKast send the text messages, the emails, and make the voice phone calls automatically to your members.

Ever wonder who looks at your newsletters?

Imagine you sent 100 newsletter messages through QuikKast a couple days ago. The pastor walks by and asks “do you know how many people look at our newsletters?” You ask him to hold that thought for just a minute.  You login to QuikKast.  You look at the details of the newsletter message you sent earlier in the week. Then, to your surprise, you see that 87 of the 100 messages were opened. This gives you information to tell the pastor that 87% of the people you sent the newsletter message to actually opened it up. Then you ask him, “Do you want to see a list of those people who didn’t open the message yet?”

Advanced features in QuikKast

The advanced features of sending newsletters, documents, images, and audio are built into QuikKast’s standard service.  The latest QuikKast release provides detailed information of who opened email, text, and voice messages and who did not.  

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