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Church leaders, if you are trying to communicate with the men of your church through Facebook, email, Pinterest, and blogging, you might be talking on the wrong frequency. The men of your church are likely not hearing you.

When refining your church communication strategy, it is important to understand how gender groups and age groups want to receive communication from your church. This is especially true if you are trying to reach men in your congregation, no matter the age.

Keep it Simple!

Let’s face it, guys aren’t overly complicated. They aren’t very wordy. Many times, they just want the facts. And, when asked a question, simple one word replies like “yes” or “no” or “good” say enough.

If this is true for the men in your men’s community groups, brotherhood groups, or even male leaders in on your ministry, then your church communication strategy must have a communication style that speaks to them. Right now, texting is king…it’s manly!

Three Texting Strategies.

If you want to increase your influence on and your engagement with men in your congregation, here are three strategies you must consider ASAP.

  1. Text Message – create a mechanism to communicate precisely and efficiently via text messaging with the men of your church.
  1. Don’t Group Text – please do not setup group texting for men. There are tools you can use to send text messages to groups of men without mass group-texts that blow up cell phones with replies to all.
  1. Ask for Response – give guys a quick way to act. A tap of the screen should be all it takes for a guy to respond to a text message from the church.

Manly Text Examples.

This is a simple, encouraging text under 100 characters including a response option if your texting system allows.

Text: “Men, be strong today. Work as if for the Lord. Who’s with me?”

Response: I’m in!

Here’s a quick reminder text message with a response option as well.

Text: “Guys, fish fry on Friday night for all men. Meet at 6:00pm at the lodge. Will you be there?”

Response: Yes, Yes + 1, Can’t make it.

And, what about something like this?

Text: “Men, our pastor and family need prayer right now. Who is praying?”

Response: Praying!

Take Action!

No matter what type of systems you have in place, make sure you are communicating to men in a way that they get it and they can quickly take action. If you don’t have a mechanism to do this or you need help figuring out where to begin, please text one of our communication gurus at 678.294.7820 to get started!

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